The Nines Financial Group, LLC

We start with YOU first. We will always treat you fair. We will do our best to support you and your business. We do everything at top notch expectation.

What Customers are Saying about us

Tony Garcia: “The Nines have been great. They understand how my small business works. They were able to find the best coverage for my business insurance and even had someone set my credit card services up with half the cost of what I was getting from my bank. I like it that they listen and they care.”

Ashley Green: “I have 3 different locations for my business and everyone I have worked with in the past always lump everything together which I don’t like because each location is different in so many ways. I appreciate that The Nines separate everything through a proposal for our business insurance and they didn’t pressure me to do what they believe is easier. They listen and not only did I move my insurance, they had their merchant team change each location credit card machine and I saved over $1000 a month. I am a client for life.”

Barbara Lumes: “Not only is my business is insured with them, my personal insurance is with them. They are always there when I need them.”

Why Merchant with us?​

  • Huge Savings on servicES

  • ZERO TO LOW COST on Machines



Partnership you can Trust